Confession: I took this picture in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport after my plane was cancelled. The looks I got were amazing.

Confession: I took this picture in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport after my plane was cancelled. The looks I got were amazing.

by Bebo

I first had the opportunity to play Rampage at GTS Distribution's Come and Play day and now I am KICKING myself for not playing that game back then, because let me tell you, this game is a must have. I finally played it for the first time at Board Game Geek Con 2013.

My typical choices in gaming are usually more along the lines of Ascension, Trains, or Eclipse. Rampage is nothing like any of those. Rampage is a dexterity game. I have been pretty interested in board gaming (mainly heavier euros) but I hadn't actually been introduced to dexterity games until Board Game Geek con this year. 

In Rampage the objective is simple: Cause as much destruction and eat as many meeples as possible to score the most points. The catch is that in order to collect the meeples you have to have enough teeth to chomp them all, and they have to be within your reach. In order to do this the meeples need to be in the correct color region where your monster is currently located. You start the game with 4 teeth and you can always eat meeples equal to the number of teeth you have, plus two. 

The way you move your monster is by flicking a disc across the board. The building which you may or may not bounce off of are secured to the board, so you won't be moving the building by flicking the disc. If you are touching a building you may then either put your chin on the top of your monster and blow the meeples holding the building up in hopes of making some crash in to your region or you may drop your monster vertically from box height on to the building. If you drop your monster, be careful to not drop him off the board because if you do you will lose a tooth.

There are also situations where you will be given a vehicle which you might pick up and "toss" in to the buildings. In this case you pick up the vehicle, place it on top of your monster and you flick it across the board and in to a building OR if you really have it out for your opponents you have the option to flick it in to another monster, causing that monster to loose a tooth.

The only complaint I would have is that I don't have a giant version of it in my house. I also would not complain if any expansions were to arise in the coming months, although I know I am jumping the gun seeing that the game isn't even out yet!

There are also a number of power up cards and each monster starts out with one, however I think those surprises are better left unsaid for when you get to experience the chaos and joy that is Rampage.