The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and if you listen closely you can hear the wind whispering: "Wiiiiiiil, Whil Wheeaaaaatooooon!"

That's right, a new season is upon us and I'm not talking about fall, I'm talking about the next season of TableTop! Wil Wheaton and his group of ever-changing gaming compatriots have already begun filming Season 3 and, if you're like me, then you're dying to know what boards, cards, and plastic little pieces are going to grace the coolest table on film! Luckily, we already know a few of the games set to make their TableTop debut! We also have information for you as to when you might be able to see these games in your friendly local game store.

1. Tokaido

Antoine Bauza's game is highly regarded for being beautiful, as well as incredibly well balanced, but it is also an amazing metaphor for the journey that is life. This game will be available in stores this November, as that is when the reprint is expected to arrive in the US.

2. Libertalia

Nothing says TableTop to me like Wil and his gang playing pirates. Expect a lot of bluffing and pirate talk as Wil and his pirate crew play this game by Paulo Mori! Libertalia should be available in game stores near you!

3. Sushi Go!

Simple, quick, and elegant, Sushi Go! shares a lot in common with the food that inspires it. With its drafting, hand management and set collection mechanics, and delightful art, Phil Walker-Harding's Sushi Go! is as equally delightful as it is cutthroat.   Sushi Go was last released in to friendly local game stores last June.

Screenshot 2014-10-13 10.52.52.png

4. Five Tribes

A twist on the standard German style "worker placement" games, Five Tribes by Bruno Cathala starts with the "workers" already placed. This leaves players tasked with dis-placing the plethora of meeples around different parts of Naqala in an attempt to claim victory!

Screenshot 2014-10-13 10.55.01.png

5. Concept

An interesting, and possibly psycho-analytical, new take on a classic party-type game, Gaëtan Beaujannot and Alain Rivollet's Concept will have Wil's table guessing words using image association. This is most definitely going to be a "must-view" episode! This game was last printed September of 2014.

Screenshot 2014-10-13 10.53.57(2).png

6. Roll For It!

Similar to Sushi Go! Roll For It! is a game that's simple, quick to learn, and has an exclamation mark in the title. Using just cards and dice, Chris Leder's Roll For It! is a compact game that has you pushing your luck as if you were at the end of a craps table in Vegas! Roll For It Deluxe Edition will be available this November 1st in a friendly local game store near you!

7. Forbidden Desert

Wil and his pals will have to face the dangers of the desert if they wish to survive and win in Matt Leacock's Forbidden Desert. Featuring a modular board and resource management, Forbidden Desert will have the Table Top gang working together on a desperate and difficult adventure to locate a flying machine. 

Screenshot 2014-10-13 14.46.59.png

8. Sheriff of Nottingham

Wil and his merry men must take up the role of merchants in the medieval police-state of Nottingham, all of them trying to become the richest by deceiving the sheriff and smuggling in illegal goods. The twist to all of this bluffing and deception is that each turn a new player steps into the role of the ever-watchful Sheriff of Nottingham. Sheriff of Nottingham will be available in friendly local game stores October 29th! They are expected to go quickly!


9. Coup

Nothing says fun like lying to your friends faces, stabbing them in the back and plotting to murder them in one big Coup. In Coup you take on the role of two characters. Who are you? Nobody knows! Or at least they won't know until you slip up and accidentally let the truth out. Coup is available in friendly local game stores everywhere!

10. Love Letter

Wil's a charming guy, right? But is he charming enough for a Princess? Does Anne know about this princess that Wil is writing love letters to? We're honestly not sure, but try not to make any announcements on twitter until we know for sure. Love Letter is also available in friendly local game stores everywhere!

11. Mice and Mystics

Cheese? Check. Monsters? Check. Weapons and armor? Check. Mice and Mystics takes you on an adventure of epic proportions as a tiny little mouse. Can Wil and his friends work together and defeat all the trouble that might come their way? Tune in and find out.  Mice and Mystics should be available in friendly local game stores near you!

12. Council of Verona

Does will believe that the power of love defeats all? Can he help bring long lasting peace to Verona before something terrible happens? Cheer him on as he attempts to out-wit his opponents in this crafty bluffing deduction game.


13. Dead of Winter

"Ssssooo soooo cold. H-H-H-H-old me Kodiak Colby." 

Are those zombies knocking at the door again!? Work together to survive the winter but complete your secret objective. What are you hiding? Are you withholding medicine that could be used by others? Are you stashing away food and weapons out of paranoia!?! Or maybe you're a maniac and you want other people to die!!! 


Check back with the blog tomorrow as we will be announcing another contest you might win! 

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