"Boo" or Trick or Treat Bags!

(For Retail Stores)

Boo bags are a great way to help a charity and share the love of gaming. Petrie's Games in Colorado Springs does exactly this! They offer sealed bags that anyone can purchase for $10, $5 of the money goes to charity and the other $5 to the store. The games inside are unknown and typically microgames making this a fun, community building activity! Be sure to include some candy in those boo bags as well! (Thank you Tiffany Ralph for this story!)

Halloween themed gaming section

(For Retail Stores)

Having a special area dedicated to halloween games is important! Everyone wants to get in the spirit of the season! You can include anything from werewolves and vampires to super-heroes and aliens! Yes, when I come over to your house on the fourth of July I fully expect you to be playing Hanabi. Deal with it.

King of Tokyo: Halloween, Gloom, Star Wars X-Wing, Marvel Legendary, Doctor Who Yahtzee, 

Board Game Monster Themed Cupcakes 

Nothing says a party like themed cupcakes. You could make cupcakes for virtually any board game if you get creative enough. Maybe a cake is more your style? Either way, board game-ify your food. Everyone will be impressed. (See more at http://www.ivomitrainbows.com/archives/889)


Throw a 24 hour Gaming Party

Don’t Blink. Don’t even think about blinking. If you blink, you’re dead. Well, not really.
Halloween is the only night when my daughter gets to stay up extra-late (10 pm), but for us adults, the party doesn’t stop until we fall asleep on the couch at 10:30! That said, if you have access to a lot of redbull and soda you might be able to keep yourself awake for a whole 24 hours. This is a great way to make sure everyone has at least a little bit of time to stop by and say hello!

Ambience: The struggle is real

Music - Generating the right atmosphere can play a huge part in ensuring that your guests enjoy themselves. There are a few routes one can take with music selections to help this along. The in-house musical director for Flying Frog Games, Mary Beth Magallanes, has composed wonderfully dark and flowing albums for each of their games, but these make a great Halloween sound track as well. The other route would be to select something more generalized like this Halloween playlist. Have familiar and spooky songs, often taken from film or television.

Lighting - Lighting can be tough for a Halloween event. when you want games to be the focus. Many horror games also come with the nightmarish rules and tiny texts that are ghoulish to read under the best circumstances. So if you want to have your lights lowered and eerily dimmed, try to focus on games that don’t need a lot of reading. Betrayal at House on the hill is an excellent choice for this. Lights can be raised or altered for scenario reading, but can quickly be turned back down to desired levels. A horror Fiasco setting fits the bill rather well. If your primary mechanic is player interaction, you won’t be too worried about reading silly little cards!

You - When you set a theme for your party, you should be prepared a character to get your guests immersed in the atmosphere . Greet all of your company with the same silly accent or adopt the role of the Sheriff in town. Maybe you’re just a zombie and all you can do is grunt and drool.

Board Game Trade Event

Do you have old games sitting on the shelf that have gone unplayed for weeks, months or maybe even years? Is your partner threatening your life because you continue to “waste money” on tabletop gaming? Now is the perfect time to invite your friends to come and trade games with each other!

Show up with a game themed to your Costume

Photo on 10-23-14 at 3.21 PM #2.jpg

If you show up as Darth Vader you better have brought Imperial Assault with you from Essen, mostly because I really want to play Imperial Assault! I’m showing up as a dinosaur and you KNOW I’m showing up with Rampage in hand.



Paint Costumes on Cards and Meeple Contest


Do your games need a little flair in their lives? Are your friends wildly artistic (or not) and also daring enough to paint costumes on your unassuming game components? Do your meeple feel naked? Throw a party for them and jazz up their lives a bit.

I hope everyone has a huge list of games to play this halloween! I would LOVE to hear them on Twitter! @GameWireGirl