My very first out of state business trip ever with GTS Distribution just so happened to be Board Game Geek Con. As a 24 year old woman I can't say that's anything to complain about seeing as last year I had the time of my life! 

 Quinns, Colby, Bebo, Brina and Spencer.

Quinns, Colby, Bebo, Brina and Spencer.

Okay, yeah that picture is a little embarrassing, moving on.

Board Game Geek Con 2014 is going to be even better than Board Game Geek Con 2013, why? You, of course.

My favorite part of going to conventions is keeping everyone in the loop. I want to take the pictures you want to see, I want to tell you about the games that you want to know about! Feel free to tweet questions or picture requests to @GameWireGirl while I'm at the con.

Board Game Geek Con is an experience that I would recommend to every single person I know simply due to the fact that it's impossible to not feel at home there. Every person I met was warm, welcoming and accepting. Every table I peeked at to check out games engaged me in conversation. Every publisher was welcoming and fun to be around and every person demoing a game loved what they were doing. That's the magic of the board game community. That's the magic of the convention. Everyone wants to be there and at a smaller convention like BGG con it's impossible to not make new friends. 

Scroll through the gallery above and feel free to comment below any questions you might have or tweet them to me @GameWireGirl!