I might be a little obsessed with giving things away, but this newest contest is the best contest yet! I want to give someone a heap of play mats. Included in this contest will be a play mat that has not yet been announced...


I loves games but so do you! This contest is to celebrate ten games YOU are excited about! At the end I'll have some numbers available for you guys to see! 

So how do you enter?

Simple, just comment below with a list or picture of the 10 games you are most excited about right now! It can be ten games you want, ten games you love, or ten games you've played this week! Get creative with your list!

Post it on twitter and use the hash tag #TableTopTen or tweet it at me @GameWireGirl so I can retweet you!

What if you don't have a twitter account? 

Feel free to email it to me at

Bonus points if you add cats. ;)

Just added thanks to Scott King, two gaming calendars. One for you, one for a friend? A family member? Your partner?

The winner will be announced on the GameWire Facebook and Twitter this Friday at midnight!