Once upon a time there was a woman who had a dream. This woman dreamed of a world filled with board games and fun for everyone, but she felt like something was missing. At home she had three wonderful cats that loved her very much, but she felt like they were left out of what she loved, board games. 

On a mission to make her cats feel more loved, she made a meme using two kittens that she was fostering at the time. 

Lucky for her, this meme went viral and from all corners of the earth you could hear people shouting for a cat faction.

And sometimes, if you wish really hard, dreams do come true and you get what you've been wishing for. 

I would like you to meet my cat, Venom Boe, who will be a brand new card in the Pretty Pretty Smash Up expansion! While his name certainly doesn't match his appearance or attitude, you might find is card incredibly useful in the game. His card reads, "Special: Before a base scores take control of a minion there of power 3 or less until the end of the turn". What really melted my heart, however, was the fact that a ball of yarn represents the cat faction in this game.

But I'm not done bragging just yet, Paul Peterson said he designed it for me. No take-backsies, Paul.