We've all heard about the Sheriff of Nottingham and for us smugglers, he is a hot topic, not because we like him, but because we're all determined to trick him!

Sheriff of Nottingham is a brand new medieval-hand-management-bluffing-roleplaying card game from Arcane Wonders. Being the lucky gamers that we are, they have worked hard to provide us with an iOS companion app for the game!

Lets take a look!

You can see here, the scoring is pretty flawless. You input all of the different goods for each player and then... *Drum Roll*

The app calculates the score for you! The scoring being slightly drawn out was the only bad thing I had have ever heard about this game, and now we have this gorgeous solution for free!

In addition to keep track of one game, it can also keep track of all of your games, that way we know who's really winning more often than us and we can sabotage them. *Bowser Laugh*

Now brace yourself for the funniest part! As you play the game you can choose how long the rounds should last ranging from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. 

In the background there are optional hilarious sounds which include witty banter from villagers. You can choose between normal witty banter or naughty witty banter to better throw off your opponents.

If you were't already excited about Sheriff of Nottingham, you should be now because 

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