To most of my friends it is no surprise that I love to paint. I first began painting with my mother when I was 5 years old. She loved to paint Christmas ornaments. Years have gone by and no matter how many times I beg her, she refuses to paint my miniature armies for me. This sadness helped me grow as a person and, over time, I began to believe in myself.  Slowly but surely I learned how to paint my own minis. Unfortunately I am impatient as can be and quickly gave up. This led me to turn to Canvas painting which I could do quickly thanks to the invention of the hair dryer. 

So what have we learned? A. I am not an artist and B. I am trying anyway. This is the part when I tell you, "I DID THIS AND SO CAN YOU!"

My favorite part of this particular painting was going through all of the components and figuring out what I was actually capable of painting. The answer was: Almost nothing because this game is beautifully designed and I am not an artist, HOWEVER, I've created a how-to guide on how to paint your own Dead of Winter noise token.

Step 1: I first covered my canvas (12" by 12") with Gesso which is a white paint like looking substance that will help keep your canvas in good shape!

Step 2: I covered that canvas with a mixture of grey/brown and white paint to create a similar background to the token in the game. Focus more white paint in the center to help the ear symbol stand out. You will want to use a softer, large brush for this. You can be pretty sloppy about it seeing as the background of the token isn't tidy.

Step 3: BLOOD SPLATTERS. For this you want to use a brush with stiff bristles. Put some dark red and black paint next to each other. Dip your brush in to one or both of them and then proceed to dip it in water. The water will help the splatters actually splat. Then you take your finger and pull the bristles back in the direction of your canvas. BAM, blood everywhere. Also, make sure that there isn't anything you love anywhere near the canvas because it's pretty likely that it's about to be covered in blood paint.

To intensify the blood splatters take a smaller brush and add a few globs of paint to the canvas. These should be slightly darker than the other blood spots so it looks disgusting and clotted.

Step 4: Carefully draw out and use an exacto knife to cut out an noise token shape. During your first attempt at sketching the ear don't press to heavily with the pencil. You'll want to go trace it several times before cutting the image out. I used a lighter grade pencil to do the initial tracing of my image. Make sure you use thick paper to do this or you'll have blurry edges on your painting.

Step 5: Tape your noise token outline on to your canvas and add some of that black and red paint to it. Be sure that when you are doing this you are not pushing any excess paint UNDER any of that paper. You want a clean outline. To ensure you get those clean lines use a softer large brush and always paint from the outside lines in.


Step 6: Use a ruler and measure two and a half inches from each corner. Using painters tape mark the edges off to ensure a straight line. Paint those corners black and your Dead of Winter noise token is complete!

If you are also doing awesome board game related artwork I want to hear about it! If you let me, I might even feature it on the blog! I'd love to hear your ideas on what I should paint next and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you using the #GameWirePaintChallenge hash tag!