Oh the Holiday season! That one time of the year that you have to sit down with your mom and explain to her that there's more to board games than just monopoly. This year might be the perfect year to convey that to her when you consider just how many quick, simple, and epic games are available right now. 

This is exactly the reason I've decided to run a stocking stuffer giveaway for everyone! Over 13 days I plan on announcing 12 games and 12 winners.

Each morning at 10 am I will announce a new game and the winner of the contest from the previous day.  Check back every day!

How do you enter?

1. Share this post on Facebook* or Twitter* using the hash tag #GameWireGiveAway

2. Make sure the post is visible to the public

3. Comment below with a way to contact you if you happen to win!

4. Winners are chosen at random by a drawing gathered from each post.

* Due to restrictions prizes may only be shipped to US addresses. You will receive your items in early January.


Day 1 Prize: Roll For It Deluxe from Calliope Games!

Winner: @newhousebailey 

Day 2 Prize: Timeline Diversity

Winner: Hannah (Lilacsc03(at)gmail(dot)com)

Day 3 Prize: Boss Monster

Winner: @owlazors

Day 4 Prize: Coup

Winner: @Lackey


Day 5 Prize: Citadels

Winner: @watcher_969


Day 6 Prize: Friday

Winner: @limelightlizz


Day 7: Munchkin Holidazed

Winner: brad.rochford@gmail.com


 Day 8: Tokaido: Crossroads

Winner: redstorm1103 (at ) yahoo (dot) (com


Day 9: Mille Bornes


Day 10: Gloom (2nd Edition)

Winner: @425suzanne


Day 11: Council of Verona
Winner: @greatbigtable

Day 12: Munchkin Loot Letter

Winner: @joecosta82