Yesterday GTS Distribution announced the all new Official 7 Wonders Play Mat from Repos Productions and Asmodee.

Many questions have been asked in just one short day. I am here to answer all those questions for you!


How is this Play Mat Used?

The 7 Wonders Play Mat is used as if it were a banker's play mat. It is meant to be placed in the center of the table where all players can reach it.

How do I get a 7 Wonders play Mat?

The 7 Wonders Play Mat is meant to be a promotional item. GTS Distribution came up with the idea and then presented it to Repos Productions and Asmodee. This item is an exclusive to GTS Distribution, however, we can not sell the items. We are providing them to retailers who purchase through us. Your friendly local game stores will have access to them in April. To get your hands on one, contact the retailers in your area and find out how they are using these promotional items.

Does this game accommodate the expansions?

This 7 Wonders Play Mat accommodates the Cities and Leaders expansions! 


We hope everyone enjoys them and please tweet me pictures of them in action!

Game On!