We all know King of Tokyo. We all love King of Tokyo. But this September our worlds are going to be rocked by…wait for it…the all-new game by Iello, King of New York!

 This gorgeous card you see here is Subway, and GameWire was fortunate enough to be chosen to reveal it in this exclusive preview! 

Subway is a 10 cost card that is discarded once it’s played. It allows you to heal 2 health and take another turn, during which you can move as often as you like, whenever you like. Um, wow. 

In King of Tokyo terms this would seem pretty over powered, so I wouldn't recommend mixing up your King of New York and King of Tokyo cards. However, this does give us a peek into what kind of mechanics we’re looking at with King of New York, and it sounds monstrous!

 Love,  Bebo & Caelin


Bebo & Caelin

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