Terrorized by earthquakes, mutations, droughts and floods, Hyperborea struggled to keep ahold of what once made the nation so great. It wasn’t always like this, there was a time when the crystals that powered the civilization were stable, a time before the greedy and power hungry took control. It only took one day for Hyperborea to be destroyed. The inhabitants that survived the destruction colonized in outposts outside of the ruined empire.

Centuries have gone by and now the 6 factions born from the ashes of Hyperboea exist in a fragile peace. A peace that is not expected to last as each has begun vying for control of the land. Gaining new recruits and expanding their empires by exploring the ancient ruins of hyperborea, they battle the last remnants of Hyperborea in an attempt to control the most influence over the land.

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Each faction has it’s own special ability, and no one can be sure what’s going to happen next. Each faction seems to have their own agenda and it’s never clear what they’re planning. The heavy fog that hangs over the land keeps the factions guessing as to what they’ll discover.


Hyperborea is a civilization game for 2-6 players. It plays in about 25 minutes per player. While this game can be intimidating to new players once the game is learned it should play fairly quickly. If you’re a fan of games like Eclipse, this might be the right game for you and it will certainly play in much less time.  The random factor in the game is hardly intrusive although drawing a grey cube now and then might delay your plans for a turn or two.

Offering highly detailed miniatures, American style combat and tactics, and Euro-style resource management, Hyperborea perfectly blends Euro and American design principles into a game that’s immediately recognizable, but incredibly refreshing. Add in the game’s unique and inventive “bag-building” mechanic and you’re in store for a gaming experience you won’t soon forget.

I highly recommend Hyperborea for anyone interested in civ building games and agree with Board Game Geek that it’s probably best for players 12 and up.