Seasons has been a hit game for the last two years. This is my favorite game to get in front of my friends that play Magic: The Gathering. I'm currently 5/5 when introducing them to this game. 


Seasons is a tactical game of cards and dice which takes place in two phases:

The first phase "Prelude" consists of a card draft: the goal during this phase will be to establish own 9-card deck for the main part of the game and with it the strategy.

Once the Prelude is complete, each player must separate his 9 cards into 3 packs of 3 cards. He will begin the second phase of the game with his first pack of three cards, then gradually as the game progresses, he will receive the other two packets of three cards.

This organized play kit will include:

2 Play Mats (Kairn the Destroyer and Demon of Argos)

26 Alternative art cards (Air Elemental)

12 New exclusive cards (Crystal Titan)

1 Retail poster


If you have a friendly local game store make sure you ask them about Seasons Organized Play from GTS Distribution. The kits are limited so bring it up sooner rather than later.