Mythological deities were the Super Heroes of their day. But we still think they're super, and we know you have an opinion on what kind of demigod you'd be if given the choice. This was the inspiration for this newest giveaway!

In Elysium you play a demigod attempting to earn the favor of the Olympians and become a figure of legend yourself. You gather heroes and powerful artifacts, please the gods and bear their power to write your own epic tale.

This set collection, card drafting game, comes with plenty of beautiful components and absolutely stunning artwork by Eric Bourgier, Cari, Vincent Dutrait, Sylvain Guinebaud, McCambridge, Didier Poli, Pascal Quidault and Emmanuel Roudier.


So how do you get a copy of your very own, two months before its official release date?

All you have to do is tweet #ElysiumGiveaway and answer this question:

If you could have the powers of any mythological being, whose would you choose?

Don't have a twitter? 

You can also enter below in the comments and leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. 

Thank you Asmodee for the the awesome game and good luck everyone!

(Winner will be notified by email or twitter, contest is valid for US addresses only. Employees of GTS Distribution, Asmodee or actual Mythological creatures are not eligible to win. Gary, our lawyer, is everywhere so we have to state these things. Please game responsibly). Giveaway ends Monday March 9th!

AND THE WINNER IS: @LeathsOfGrass!