If there's one thing as gamers that we obsess over, it's components. Miniatures, bits, coins, boards, boxes, and all the aesthetic tiny masterpieces that we adore. We all know that we're capable of finding games that we love, unfortunately at times, certain components can let us down. We will never have that guarantee that every component will be exactly what we're looking for.

I was nearly willing to fight a bear for those 7 Wonder metal coins from my friends over at The Broken Token.  The Broken Token 7 Wonders Coin are gateway coins. I bought one set and now I have to buy all the coin sets. I lost my mind and it also kicked off the newest money pit in my life. Of course, I couldn't be happier about it, unfortunately my wallet is crying.

For being as plugged in to the internet as I am, I was shocked to discover that there was a new campaign on Kickstarter called, "The Best Damn Game Coins Ever... TWO!" TWO!? How could this possibly be a 2nd campaign!? Did I miss the first one!? Who am I and when did I start missing component upgrades!? 


I won't keep you waiting any longer! You can check out the awesome coins, available from Artana Games, below in a little gallery below.  The first time I saw these coins I'm pretty sure I drooled a little bit. They have to be one of the most exciting component upgrades I've seen in a while. They are also reasonably priced at just $25 per set, BONUS! You can check out the Kickstarter here!

The coins above will be available in friendly local game stores across the country this September. They will also priced at just $25.00 per set. Each set comes with a total of 50 coins which breaks down to 5 jumbo coins, 5 large coins, 10 medium coins, 10 small coins and 20 extra small coins. You might even consider buying multiple sets to upgrade components in games that you already own. I plan on replacing my Tokaido, Imperial Settlers, Terra Mystica, and more! 

Artana Games also has some excellent charts to help you decide which sets are best for you! You can check them out below in a neat little gallery! So check out their Kickstarter, start making lists of the games you want to upgrade components for and don't forget to buy groceries before you go coin shopping.

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