Okay, not to alarm anyone, but you could potentially win some awesome Blue Orange Games prizes. In fact, you could win one awesome game for you and a whole library of games for your friendly local game store!

Blue Orange Games and GameWire teamed up to bring you an awesome contest. As many of you know, Blue Orange is kind of new to the U.S. Hobby scene and they're still getting acquainted with friendly local game stores around the country! Working for a board game distributor I saw this as a great opportunity to bring together Blue Orange, friendly local game stores and tabletop gaming fans across the country!

So what do you have to do to enter?

Sample Tweet:

Screenshot 2015-10-02 22.08.21.png

It's simple. Tweet a picture of the next Blue Orange Games title that you want to try (Click here for an Image Library) along with the name of your friendly local game store. Tweet it to @BlueOrangeGames using the hashtag #PlayBOG. Get creative, make us laugh! Photoshop your cat on to the game. We wish to be entertained, we put a lot of work into this contest.

By doing this you are entered to win the following:

A New York 1901 Prize Pack

  • A copy of the game
  • Exclusive Promo expansion pack
  • A commemorative poster for yourself!

And your friendly local game store is entered to win the following:

A Collection of Demo Games for the whole store to share and play together!

  • Giant Gobblet Gobblers
  • New York 1901
  • Battle Sheep
  • Doodle Quest
  • Gobblet
  • Longhorn
  • Niya

If you don't have twitter, you can comment below in the comments section your friendly local game store along with the name of the Blue Orange Games title you're most looking forward to playing. 

Don't forget to encourage your friends at your friendly local game store to enter as well! Anyone can enter. The contest winner will be announced November 1st at 9:00 AM on Twitter. You can no longer comment or enter after midnight November 1st. The name of the store name that wins will be available on the blog. The gamer that wins will decide if they would like their name on the blog. Retailers, you can download a flyer for this contest here. GTS Distribution and Blue Orange encourage you to hang this in your store! We also ask that you pretty please send us pictures of your game stores awesome prize pack when it arrives! 

We're looking forward to being entertained by all the clever gamers out there! 



Update: This contest is U.S. Only. Sorry!

AND THE WINNER IS: @Nettersplays!

She won @BlueOrangeGames over with her cat vision!

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